The World Today Is Better than It Was Fifty Years Ago

The world has changed a lot today, and this change is evident in all spheres of life. People hold different opinions about this change. There are those who feel that they would prefer life fifty years ago than what it is today. But again after a careful assessment of what life is and what it was then, I would not want to go back to that era.
The political world has evolved and the rights of the people today are more protected. Fifty years ago, the citizens did not have enough avenues where they could air their grievances. Today there are civil rights groups that help to protect the lives of the citizens. With the different political parties, there is the party that runs the government and there is the opposition side. The purpose of the opposition is to ensure that the government of the day does not misuse the office it holds. With the civil rights groups and opposition parties, leaders on both sides are more accountable.
The courts that were meant to prosecute the leaders for abuse of office rarely did their work. The mighty had power whereas the common man was left watching their tax money go to waste. Today the case is different. Today we have national, regional and international courts like the International Criminal Court to ensure that those in power do not abuse this power.
Another fascinating thing is that the voters are more enlightened today than they were fifty years. It is not only the parliament that has a say on the political world. Through referendums, the people can air their views on the direction they would want their nation to follow.
Today, the gap between the rich and the poor is not as wide as it was fifty years ago. When the gap between the poor and the rich narrows, then we can say that the economy of the country is doing well.&nbsp.&nbsp.