The Worlds Largest IT Company

Competitive Advantages of web services
The key elements that make IBM stand out apart from its competitors such as HP, Accenture and others are as follows:
a) The Websphere web services platform has become very popular and it is even used by competitors today for packaging and use web application services.
b) Its back-end mainframes are very robust and are built with the longest duration of research and development within the market.
c) Its country-specific services are completely localized to individual countries and this has proven very useful for marketing and sales targeted at…
It is therefore chosen as the subject of this business analysis. The analysis is divided into three parts as follows:
d) IBM is a big supporter of open source development. It has built a separate web facility called ‘DeveloperWorks’ to help software and IT professionals. This is hugely popular and is seen as an advantage over competitors.
e) The PartnerWorld web portal for its developers is used very well by its several partners. IBM has been a strong partnering company right from the beginning and this strength has come over to its web services for the partners as well.
IBM has been a company of radical change all through its decades of existence. The Organization is traditionally known to be very conservative and formal in its management style – but surprisingly, it has made very strong and firm moves repeatedly to meet changing market conditions and demands. Major changes are discussed below:
i. The turning point in IBM’s history was when the company decided to enter the field of digital computers (manufacturing) in the early 1950s.&nbsp.This needed a strong investment in research and development in the product area.