Theoretical design

This system provides the facility to search and select the CD by different ways. Like I shall discuss two main approaches for the CD selection in this report:
if the customer enter a CD title , for each CD matching that title he will obtain the CDs cover, availability and price. It is possible to obtain the detailed information such as names, duration, details of the performing artists and to listen to CD
Product or Service: here we are going to build an online CD store. This system will be able to deliver a better facility for the people who do not have time to visit any store for purchasing the CDs of there choice.
Technology: we are going to implement a system that will utilize the ASP.Net development environment where we would be able to deliver more enhanced and secure system for the online shopping and transaction. There are also a number of online shops of similar business so it’s possible by means of this technology.
Online Market Environment and Competition: we are going to target new generation for this online store, so I think we have very much scope and market space to bring our system online. There are lots of other online CD shops, but we are aimed to deliver better services and having a competitive adage.
In this use case I want to demonstrate the overall environment where a user wants to purchase a CD of his choice, for this purpose user will enter a CD title or some other information that would be helpful for the search of the CD. So as a result the system will inform the availability of the CD or informs that required CD is not there.
Below I have presented the Context Diagram of the online CD shop. I have tried to manage all possible links among the system and its users. I have taken two types of the user that are customer and administrator.
In the diagram above I have tried to discuss the main feature of this system that is its order processing facility. Here customer can find many CDs, and