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It is evident from both the letters that the life of Christopher Columbus took a great turn, right from his first voyage to the fourth voyage, marked with insanity, disasters, disappointments, brutality and uncertainty of the truces. Christopher Columbus even after serving more than 28 years under the loyalty of the King and Queen of Spain, got his reputation damaged and was sentenced to imprisonment along with delusional attacks on his health. The attitudes expressed by Christopher Columbus revealed both ease and hardship during his long pursuit of discoveries of piece of fertile land, and collaboration with the inhabitants of those islands.
Christopher Columbus wrote a letter of his first voyage to Luis de Santangel in 1493. This letter reflects a pleasing and relaxing attitude of Christopher Columbus. Luis de Santangel was a former merchant and royal court official who helped Christopher Columbus in financing for his initial voyages. Christopher Columbus writes in his letter that he has been victorious in his journey, and that how he spent 33 days from the Canary Islands to the Indies. He further writes that he discovered many islands populated with people without numbers. He met with illustrious King and Queen who supported him on his fleet. He named the first discovered island as San Salvador. It was called by the Indians as Guanahani (Shatzman, 29-31).
He named the second discovered island as Isla de Santa Maria de Concepcion, to the third he named Fernandina, to the fourth he named Isabella and to the fifth he named Isla Juana. Christopher Columbus found Juana to be like a mainland, but contained only small group of peoples. Moving Westward and Northward to the coast of Juana, he found nothing but infinite number of groups. He then moved forward 107 leagues from that point towards the east from the cape of Juana, and to his surprise he discovered a land that resembled that of a paradise. He called it Espanola, and it had