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this is chapter 10 in the book Employee and Labor RelationsHR Knowledge 5:Legal &UnionsSelect and READ one of the following case studies (located in your textbook):CASE 10-1 WILLFUL VIOLATION, OR A PROBLEM THAT CAN BE CORRECTED?CASE 10-2 CONSTRUCTIVE DISCHARGE AND REINSTATEMENT OF STRIKERSNext,analyze the case and provide an overview of key points or discussions.An overview is not a detailed description or regurgitated statements from the case,but insteadkey points in the case.Then, make 2 recommendationsfor improvements for any parts of the case (think like an HR leader).Saying that someone should have did this, or what you would have done are not considered improvements.NOTES: One to three small sentence-responses for analyzing the cases are not considered substantive. You may only have no more than two references for your response and each must be appropriately cited in the words. You may not copy and paste any part of another student’s response as part of your response. For this course, you must commentto a minimum of 1 other student’s response…No Exceptions! Although not mandatory, you are strongly encouraged to make your initial post by Wednesday of each week so that you have plenty of time to respond to your classmates16/05/20208humanresource-management