Thomas Jefferson

Practically, in his life, Thomas Jefferson faced a plethora of challenges and issues. While facing such challenges, Thomas Jefferson evinced a remarkable ability for out of the box thinking, ingenuity and panache for abiding by deeply held values and convictions. It is not without a reason that even in the current times when the political and social values defining America have registered a change, the nation still looks up to this luminary for direction, confidence, and conviction. In that context, the quality of leadership exhibited by this great man happened to be utterly rare in its substance and potential. Thomas Jefferson was able to accomplish so much in his life owing to his vast knowledge in varied disciplines, his ability to express unpopular and difficult political opinions, his intense ability to focus on the issues at hand, and his openness to learning from the opinions professed by others.There is no denying the fact that it is next to impossible to delve on the achievements and abilities of a man like Thomas Jefferson, within a span of a few thousand words. What any humble student can at the most attempts is, to succinctly elaborate on a few achievements of this great person. In that context, the most well known and unforgettable achievement of Thomas Jefferson was that he happened to be the writer who drafted the Declaration of Independence. Declaration of Independence happened to be one of the few historical documents that not only determined and set the course of a nation, but also served as a beacon that directed a host of nations striving for ideals like freedom, liberty, and human dignity. Jefferson’s role as the author of the Declaration is of immense importance because it is a document that voiced the ideals that supported the Revolution and thereby this Declaration did serve as a guiding star and a source of inspiration for many future democracies.