Three Firms and Its Marketing Opportunities

This is currently the fifth largest data storage firm in the USA whose revenues increased by 33 percent in 2009 (“CNN Money”, 2011). Net App offers online storage solutions to companies and firms who have the need for large volume storage of its data but does not want to invest in a data storage service of their own and so outsource storage to Net App. The increasing use of the internet and computers in business means there is always going to be a lot of data and information available that needs storage and management. With increased digitization, for instance, people would be happy to have a scanned copy of their documents stored somewhere safe in a digital format for replacement in case of loss or damage or just renewal. Net App offers efficient, affordable and powerful stogie solutions for organizations.

A marketing opportunity exists for them to tap in a bigger way into the domestic/ individual data storage and management solution and include offsite backup and restoration systems for clients. Almost every computer, portable or smartphone user knows very well the headache and costs of losing personal data, for instance, losing a whole laptop with say all your project data and with no serious backup. it means purchasing a new laptop, software and starting the project all over again. People are relying more on data and information as economic drivers for enterprises and businesses, which poses its own new risks. Research and information indicate that firms that suffer computer&nbsp.outage for more than ten days never recover fully financially. Also, half the businesses and organizations suffering such problems will be out of business within five years (Smith, 2003).&nbsp.This affects businesses greatly and costs a lot while individuals also suffer a lot of anguish due to lost data through theft, device failure, viruses attack, or human error.