Titanic and Examination of Its Rational Nature Based on Mark Knapps Relational

The first phase of the model is the coming together part that details the five major steps that involve the initiation, the experimentation, intensifying aspects, integration and bonding of the people. The initiation stage provides for the first impression made that involves meeting for the first time and creating an impression on each other. In the film, Jack first sights Rose from a distant and the friends discourage him considering the social class differences between the two. Despite these, an opportune time presents itself as Rose attempts to jump off the ship from which Jack pulls her over making the first impression on each other. The stage of their first meeting details initiation stage as per Mark Knapp. This stage forms the basis of every relationship.
The second stage provides for experimentation through which the two parties start learning each other and get more comfortable. This stage leads to the third stage on intensifying in which experimentation continues. The stage provides for the clarity of any mutual coordination in the development of the relationship and will have a consideration of an emotional affection developing with attachment between the parties. The mutual connection between Rose and Jack works to provide for their continued development in the relationship. This provides a difference in the experimentation phase that only focuses on superficial topics, which deal with discoveries of interest that both Rose and Jack attach to their love for Art. The self-disclosure deepens in the third stage of intensifying. Secret tests too manifest in this stage with featuring through endurance, public presentation aspects, separation, and third-party involvement, triangle tests that may prove constructive or destructive to the relationship. The introduction of a third party to the relationship between Rose and Jack nearly ruins their relationship as the Mother proves to dislike the development.