To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern I must confess that I had a distinct contentment being an internship supervisor for Jingneng Zhao for a period of 2 months at INTECSEA. I have been Zhao`s direct supervisor in the Floating System Department. His exemplary performance in the organization is something that cannot be detached from him. Throughout the entire process, Zhao proved to be more than just the ideal student. Working as a structural intern engineer in the Floating Systems Department, it is notable that Zhao was able to successfully and efficiently accomplish all the tasks assigned to him within the required time.
During the internship, Zhao showed a mastery of the capability to design the configuration of the floating system and subsequently test its workability under the designed stress or pressure. In addition, Zhao created a typical model of Pontoon transverse frame with the aid of ANSYS program. The ability to create at least a single part of the floating system before carrying out a test on it is a clear indication of the mastery of the necessary content as a senior civil engineering student. As his supervisor at INTECSEA in the department of Floating Systems, I realized that Zhao is able to thrive under intense pressure with no or absolutely minimal supervision at all.
During his internship, Zhao attended several Lunch &amp. Learn seminars organized by our company, which enabled him to acquire more relevant information pertaining to his career. Under my supervision, I can boldly state that Zhao learnt about new material and property of thermal insulation for pipeline and pipe centralizer, wave impact model testing and analysis for floating system, fluid dynamic testing, analysis and personal disaster planning in hurricane period. Considering Zhao`s superior knowledge and understanding of the floating systems, he gained a strong confidence in whatever tasked assigned to him. I can vouch for him to set the best example to other interns as a supervisor.
It is my pleasure to highly recommend Jingneng Zhao as a candidate for the graduate school program of civil engineering. I strongly believe and sincerely convinced that together with his academic qualification, his show of might in the design and management of floating systems during his internship is enough to gauge his suitability for enrollment in the above mentioned course. Using all the possible yardsticks, I am undoubtedly of the opinion that Jingneng Zhao is sufficiently qualified to be enrolled for a graduate program in civil engineering. For further information, feel free to contact me through provided contacts if you need additional information pertaining to my understanding of the hardworking and obedient young man, Jingneng Zhao.
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