Topic Development of an Integrated Marketing Communication Mix Strategy

This report mainly deals how HP would implement its Integrated Marketing Communication mix strategy in Russia and achieve success. HP is well known for its innovation thus applying its innovation strategy HP can lead the Russian IT industry. The report starts with an introduction on IMC, carried on by market and literature review. The research methodology used for this report is primary research. the technique is described broadly in research methodology. The next part is an analysis and discussion on the marketing strategies specifically the IMC strategies that HP should take up in order to build a stand in Russia. The last section of the report states recommendation for HP which would be beneficial for the company when it enters the Russian market. Briefly the report highlights the IMC plan for HP to help it enter the competitive market of Russia. Introduction Integrated marketing communication is an essential tool for the marketers to communicate with their target audience. A marketing strategy can be defined as a set of conscious decision made by a marketer in order to determine which segment of the society is being offered a particular product, generally the target market and how to penetrate to the chosen target market. The target market can be the existing or the potential customers which the marketer aims to satisfy with its particular product or services (Koekemoer amp. Bird, 2004, p.1). IMC helps customers in the various stage of buying process as IMC wraps communications around customers which helps it to nurture and develop a good bonding with its customers, a bound of loyalty which protects the marketer from the intense competition. The company chosen for the report is HP an IT giant based in USA. HP is a technology company which has its operation based in 170 countries across the globe. HP has been known for its technology and services and explores on how these technologies can serve customer better and improve ways of addressing its problems and challenges so that the company is able to realize their aspiration, possibilities and dreams (HP, 2011). This project aims to develop an effective integrated marketing communication strategy for the company, which is planning to enter the market of Russia. The Russian technologies have grown from simple nothing to a billion dollar industry in less than a two decade (SRAS, 2006). This phenomenal growth has attracted many IT giants and HP one of the leading IT player plans to enter the Russian IT market. Market and Literature Review The concept of IMC has received a considerable coverage, but even though many of its ardent supporters have noted problems in actually translating the concept into reality. According to many survey it has been revealed that a strong commitment exits by both the marketers and advertising agencies (Eagle amp. Kitchen, n.d). This study will relay on the research information which is mainly gathered from primary and secondary sources which are based on communication theories, integrated marketing communication theory. Introduction IMC is defined as a strategic approach to corporate communication which coordinates the communication made by the companies to present a consistent message to its consumers and public. To address the issue that communication