Total Quality Management College

Marks &amp. Spenser work in fashion industry, therefore, considering the fact that Fashion is one of the fastest changing trends in any society reflect the need for quality standards which should be largely driven by the new trends in fashion liked by the customers. Therefore the customer-driven quality system is at the heart of the company. This, however, is always achieved through effective coordination of sales departments of the company with the customers so that new trends are identified and converted into product ideas accordingly.
The overall importance of quality for this company lies in the various elements. These elements include clear coordination between the suppliers, production. sales staff etc. this, therefore, has allowed the company to achieve continuous improvement. The company has a strong network of suppliers with which it has clear and strong relationships providing strong backup support in order to generate the quality desired by the customers of the company. It is also evident from the fact that the company has effectively diversified into many areas and departments which has allowed it to maintain the quality standards it generated.
Our chosen company in the service sector is HSBC Bank. HSBC is claimed to be the world’s local bank. It has the presence in many countries of the world with head quarter at UKthe.
The value of quality for this organization matters a lot for the organization. HSBC works in an industry which is largely undifferentiated therefore it needs to compete on elements which may not be considered as conventional in their true sense. Thus it has to bank on the quality of services it provides. Its quality services include facilitating the customers to bank through the internet so that they do not have to visit the branches. This facilitation along with other services such as quick and efficient processing of the customer requests, call center facilitation, cordial and efficient staff have made HSBC a leader in the industry.