Total Quality Management Survey Paper

3. Effective involvement and utilization of entire staff. 4. Constant and continuous improvement in the business performance. 5. Working through synergy with suppliers. 6. Establishing the performance measures for various areas. In this discussion, we would be analyzing three companies from manufacturing, service and not for profit organizations and would be further analyzing customer driven quality, leadership, employee management and training and measurement, monitoring with analysis for each and every organization.
The Organization that I am going to discuss is the Caterpillar, the company was found in 1925 as a result of a merger with Holt Manufacturing Co. and it strived and settled it self because of the lack of competition, they were the pioneers in manufacturing the construction equipments of that time which were also used in the world war I and II effectively. The company is manufacturing seven types of products, but has a list of four hundred products as the seven are the main product types, originally it was formed as a heavy equipment industry and providing services such as construction and agricultural products, including tractors, engineering vehicles, bulldozers, loaders, but it has also diversified now keeping in view its customer’s needs and wants, and so it also started making the rough and tough shoes. The company was having the revenue of about US $ 36.339 Billion in the year 2005 and it is currently employing about 77,000 people approximately, the organizational culture that the company is showing is strong enough in terms of services they are providing right now, it was all due to the fierce competition with Komatsu that the company decided to change its culture in 1990s as a result they are having very strong hold in the market, the culture was weak before 1990s as there were so many of the labor strikes and a lot of shutdown processing, but sooner the company identified its weakness and worked on it, one of the biggest reasons of its success is that now the entire union of employees work together and corporate at their level best with the customer as a result the company has achieved excellence, which was otherwise not possible if there wouldn’t be any team work or if there was no maximum utilization of the work force they have.
The Customers of Caterpillar are usually construction firms and also few contractors having construction business, as no body can buy the Caterpillar products for the personal use, thus all the efforts are directed on the industrial business zone rather than private customers. The customers are viewing Caterpillar a high quality product as the company has produced even the custom made equipments for them, without accepting nonconformance. The features, performance, conformance, reliability, durability, service, response and reputations are the quality dimensions, which have been attracting the customers from a long time. The leadership has played a major part in the survival of Caterpillar Co. No body can expect a company to resist the pressure when the labor turns against it, here the leadership played a vital role for Caterpillar, now the organization has recruited people who are already excelled in their fields and have no complaints against the organization, the employees are being treated as family members and all of these