Toys and gender role



All of the items designated for girls are grouped together, all of the items for boys can be found in the same location, and items that are considered unisex, such as bicycles, sporting equipment and boardgames, can be located usually in the back of the store or in an aisle that runs perpendicular to the others. These gender-designated aisles often stick out from one another due to the colors of the packages that the toys are in. Girls’ toys are dominantly packaged in pink, though purple is also seen quite often. These aisles appear soft in color and more sweet and appealing to little girls. Boys’ toys are usually packed in blue, with red being the second most-seen color. The boys’ aisles are more loud and solid, easily catching the attention of the young male population. The colors of the packages seem to speak for themselves in regard to what little girls and boys are assumed to be. The pink would suggest that girls are more delicate and innocent, while the blue reveals that boys are more tough. There is definitely a contrast of femininity and masculinity between how the toys are packaged based on gender. Furthermore, the color pink has long since been determined to be the color for females, while blue has been determined the color for males. Pink tends to be the dominating color for most things for girls, including clothes, school supplies, and their toys, just as blue is the dominating color for most of the things that boys would use.