Tracing Dimensions of Changing Culture



The book is a collection of seven short stories beginning with “Girl with Lizard”, which tells about a boy and his obsession and desire for a mysterious painting he inherited from his parents, which drove him to unconsciously ruin his relationships with women while discovering his parent’s dark past. “A Little Fling”, a story about a husband’s political betrayal of his wife for her sake, a wife’s betrayal of her husband to spite him, the narrator’s betrayal of his friend as a result of his own naivety, and the revelation, which destroyed the intimate relationship they all shared. “The Other Man”, a story, which recounts a man’s discovery of his late wife’s affair and his realization about the truth of his marriage. The middle story, “Sugar Peas”, tells about a narcissistic man balancing his relationships with three women. “The Circumcision”, which tells of the relationship between a German man and a Jewish girl in New York, is a foray into the sensitive topic of the division caused by their culture and religion. “The Son”, on the other hand, tells of filial love, described in a dramatic fashion. The book then ends with “Woman at the Gas Station”. which narrates of a man and his decision to leave his wife. All these stories are bound by the themes of betrayal brought about by obsession, desperation, and historical circumstance – all because of and in spite of love. The themes, embodied in Flights of Love are best exemplified in his opening story “Girl with Lizard”.