Training and Development of Hanks Home Pizzas

The place did undergo some change towards the end of the second generation Hank’s tenure. This was more out of necessity to survive, thrive and make it a source of living while facing intense competition from the mushroomed pizza corporate. They opened one more store in the town, introduced contemporary and extremely upbeat customer seating facilities. added washrooms modernized the kitchen with the state-of-art equipment, introduced computerization, and changed the lighting and created an ambiance which is ideal for an excellent meal. The upgrade Hank’s pizza store could give any pizza corporate outlet a run for its money.
The third generation Hank joined the father after finishing an MBA. His first set out was a mission for the business. The mission is to be the first and the only eat out choice of the town and also expanded the number of outlets from two to six, business multiplied four times over a period of six years and there seemed no looking back for Hank’s pizza store. But still something bothered the junior most Hank and he constantly felt that there were losing out business to other pizza chains stores.
Hank with his latest management knowledge did try and put an effort to figure out what was amiss with the business while managing the operations of the business. Good amount of time was spent balancing the cash books, ensuring there were no stock-outs and creating innovative marketing plans to increase pitfalls and ensure return customers. But still, there was something amiss. The consultants deputed mystery customers to identify and rate customer experiences at various store locations. The consultants, after a four-week study, identified that the customers were comfortable going to a specific store and undertook focus group studies to identify the reasons thereof. (Keerti)
Focus group is a form of qualitative research. In this method of research, a group of people is asked about a product of an idea from their individual perspective focusing on various attributes. (Wikipedia) A great deal of information can be achieved by conducting focus group studies. (Free Management Library)