Training PlanHuman Resources Director



The skills required for a diligent financial analyst are: strong knowledge of the basics of Finance and Accounts: analytical skills which do not ditch you at the time of urgency: understanding the complex business processes and finding ways as how they are being reported in the financial statements: the strategic management presented in the company reports and not just blindly following the four financial statements. an understanding of the overall economic situation both country specific and global specific and analysing ‘would be’ changes according to the occurring events. IT skills to work on the spread sheets and good communication skills. along with these skills any person who is aspiring to be a successful employee, needs to be responsible of the job which is assigned to him not breaking the team support which he is supposed to maintain in the company. In the above mentioned list, I was confident that I possess the following requirements: good communication and IT skills, thanks to my prior training in typing speed. a faint view of the global scenario due to my habit of reading newspapers. a fundamental knowledge of accounts and finance, due to the persistent hard work which I have put in for securing good grades. But then, how would I make sure that I meet the other requirements? Though the project work which I have performed earlier in a company gave me a minute idea of the business situations which I may have to face in the future, that knowledge is only permitted to the “analysis of accounting ratios”.