Most states have not developed hate crime laws related to gender identity. It has been estimated that one transgender is killed in the united state per month as a result of hate crime.
Transgender people also face sexual discrimination in their day to day activities. This is because many people in the society have not accepted them. As a result, employees and housing agents tend to shy away from them. Most states have laws that ban discrimination based on ones sexual orientation. However, few have laws banning discrimination based on gender identity.
In some states in the United States do not have laws that cover couples of the same sex. This is a delicate issue among the transgender community where couples of the same sex, also known as gays are a subset of this community. This are couples of the same sex. They miss out on the privileges of being in a marriage. These privileges include: the right to inherit the partner’s property, the right to enjoy tax deductions related to properties and income and the right to share property after divorce (Currah et al. 15).
In several states in the United States there is a restriction in the foster care and adaption sector. There are restrictions on who can adapt children. In most cases, adoption is not allowed to couples of the same sex marriage. There is also a ban in several states on adoption of children by couples of the same sex. Couples experience discrimination from the adoption agencies based on the religious or the moral background.
The disorder leads to unhappiness and depression because there is that feeling of not belonging in the society. This is because the society is yet to fully accept transgender in the society. In most cases, these individuals are rejected by their families, friends and even the church for what they believe. This is because transgender is seen it as being against the religion, especially by the church (Valentine and David 35). This