Trash Recycling Business in Azerbaijan

Eurasian Recycling LLC will seek to resolve this issue by taking in waste from towns at nominal fees and making recycled products from it. If the company is able to address this problem, the independent waste collectors will pay the premium price, as they will have to negotiate with the company.
The company has two value propositions for end-user consumers of compost or recycled trash and municipalities. For the municipalities, the company will offer budget-saving and cost-effective services that will help in addressing problems of waste disposal in Ganja City and its environs. In addition, for the end-users, it will provide a valuable revitalization of the soil in terms of tillage, water retention, structural stability, and porosity (Stevens et al 17). Therefore, by acquiring the trash from the municipalities around Ganja, the company will recycle and compost it for the customers to buy at a profit. The market niche for the product is the organic soil enrichment market with most farmers still using inorganic fertilizers. These include farmers and nursery owners, as well as resident landscapers. There is room for growth in the organic soil enhancement market as more farmers move away from chemical fertilizers (Stevens et al 17). Eurasia Recycling LLC’s major product is recycled household organic waste to be used in farms, while the major service involves offering municipalities around Ganja City alternative ways to dispose of organic household waste that is collected around the city.
The waste collection service is not perishable because there will always be a waste, while the eventual product is not perishable either because agriculture is the economic backbone of Azerbaijan (Stevens et al 17). In addition, the product is responding to trends in the market, which is organic farming, and will hold for the foreseeable future with no fear of the product or service becoming obsolete.