Treatise on International Criminal Law

It is for these two reasons that the definition of computer network operations has two meanings. In the civilian application, the term refers to all actions that seek to provide computer networks with optimum capacity in order to improve the delivery of both the quality and quantity of information to users. In military use, the term refers to actions that are intended to gain an information advantage over an enemy, and deny the enemy under consideration some important information (Larson, 2009). In international law, this is an act of war depending on the scale or purpose of the attacker. It is referred to as cyber wars or armed conflicts according to international conventions. This paper examines three notions about international armed cyber conflicts. That is the aspect of the cyber blockade, geographical limitations in cyber warfare and noninternational armed cyber conflicts. For each notion, the paper gives an analysis and in the end, the practicality of the notion of the legal perspectives presented in each.Russell (2014, p. 52), gives a history of traditional blockades in different domains of warfare. It states that in ancient warfare, the establishment of a blockade on access routes was to cut out the essential supplies to enemies with an aim of weakening them for an eventual defeat. The physical blockade also implied that the enemy would not receive any backup from allies and as such remained vulnerable to the army that was implementing the blockade. The blockade tactic also meant that the army remained in control of key resources that the enemy needed for its survival or operations. Key examples of blockades that it gives include, land siege, sea blockade and airspace blockade (Holwitt, 2009p. 94). The study further gives a set of commonalities between these traditional blockades and the concept of a cyber blockade. The commonalities described here are related to the actors involved, the existence of aninternational conflict and capabilities that are disabled through the blockade.