Trust computing

Machine authentication By Machine authentication in a trusted computing system utilizes machine credentials such as machine name and machine certificate or password to authenticate the endpoint. Organizations have a mandate of controlling individuals who are able to access resources and corporate networks. They also control and identify which servers and machines are to be accessed. Implementation of machine authentication ensures that only machines with credentials that are considered appropriate can operate, communicate and access corporate networks. Machine authentication offers organizations a cost effective and easier way for accessing and securing organizational data. One of the benefit of machine authentication is that it enables information within the active directory to issue optionally configured and template based certificate automatically to all servers and machines residing within a multiple or single domains in a multiple or single forest configuration ( sun et al, 2012).
Other benefits of machine authentication entails preventing rogue machines from accessing organizational resources and networks, allowing mutual server and machine authentication between the various machines, being scalable and cost effective for organizations of all sizes and identifying the servers and machines having access to various networks. Machine authentication enables users to possess a log on script (Anwander et al, 2013). The experience is often transparent as the log in process is performed in the normal way. It also ensures automatic issuance and enrollment of certificates. Computer or machine authentication takes place before windows can display the CTRL + ALT + DEL screen. It does not occur when members of organization utilize their domain credentials on their own computers or other window devices. Implementation of machine authentication will enable organizations to have control over access to resources.
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