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Additional, there are posterior (backward) and the inferior or the downward dislocation (Rockwood, 2009). The posterior occurs occasionally, and it is to electric shock.
Shoulder Dislocation often leads to severe pain that makes the victim unable to move the affected shoulder in a particular direction. thus, making their rams numb. Sometimes, the dislocated shoulder makes the arm twist off the body with the arm facing towards the back (Kuehl and National Association of EMS Physicians (U.S.), 2002). A severely dislocated shoulder is visible whereby the victims shoulder appears unusual.
Dislocated shoulders can be tested and examine in different ways. however, it is pertinent to note the time of injury, prior medical condition to the problem or injury, and how the injury occurred. Some of the tests include the deltoid muscle test, touch sensation, twist, hand movement, and x-ray in invisible situations (Rockwood, 2009).
The treatment of the dislocated shoulder may include medication to lessen pain and some cases require a general anesthetic. The treated patient is often sent home in shoulder immobilizer or sling (Rockwood, 2009). This reduces movement of the shoulder thereby facilitating recovery. Additionally, a pillow may be placed between the body and the affected arm to help support the injured shoulder. A fully recovered victim may get back to the pitch but can avoid or prevent further injuries by learning safe landing techniques.