Turkish Music and Folklore Poetry

The essay talks about Turkish literature, which is nearly 1500 years old. It flourished greatly under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. Turkish music and folklore poetry both form a part of the Turkish literature, and has been extremely popular amongst the Turkish people for centuries, thus ensuring that these cultural traditions remain preserved. The oldest written records of Turkey have been found to be that of the 8th century Orhon inscriptions (in the Orhon river valley situated in Mongolia). Between the 8th and 9th century there came a new wave where literary representation was in an oral form, like the Manas epic and Book of Dede Korkut. Thus, we find that Turkish literature had two forms, the oral compositions and written books, and these two traditions remain separate from each other until the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1922. It was only in 1923, after the republic of Turkey was created, that the two forms of literature came together to from the modern literary type. My article will explore the literature of Turkey, pertinent to Turkish music and folklore poetry. It will study to find the relation between Turkish music and its folklore poetry, while exploring the history of the music as it developed through the various ages. It will also explore and analyse relevant data in its endeavour to find out the importance of music and the role it plays within the realms of Turkish poetry.
The paper concludes that Turkish music developed from the folklore poetry and the two terms are synonymous with each other.