Type A and B personality theory



The most widely recognized character that has been linked to stress- related health disorders especially coronary heart disease includes types A, B behavior patterns. This, therefore, means that the pulse rate of both personalities increases since the difference in changes of coronary heart disease increases their pulse rate to different levels. Moreover, from research, type A personalities seem to have a high pulse rate than type B individuals since type A personalities have a high affluence of being affected by coronary heart diseases than type B personalities. The increase in their pulse rate is affected by their inability to control the effects that coronary diseases cause in their bodies and therefore increasing their pulse rate. Donna (2007) argues that the differences between types A, B personalities entail the ability of both personalities to act immune to the changes caused by their bodies. Type B personalities seem to be more strong and able to resist to changes caused by the environment and hence are able to have a steady pulse rate than type A personalities (John, Andrew &amp. Donna, 2007). Besides, type A personalities are ambitious, hard driving, easily annoyed and impatient than type B personalities who tend to be the complete opposite of type A personalities. The differences in their attitudes have mentioned above has a great influence in their breathing rate since they have different ways of handling themselves. The breathing rates of type A personalities seem to go high since.