Type one paragraph that describes your true color personality and why you would be an asset to a study group Discuss the attributes in line with the characteristics of your true color from the Personality Profile Summary

I want to join your study group. I am a sociable person who can relate well to others. I can do anything for the benefit of the group. I am highly motivated and a person who have strong desires to achieve goals. I am a hardworking person who commits himself to scoring the goals. I get encouraged to do better when I realize my dream. Success is what motivates me. Given a chance. it is my desire that even in this study group we can succeed. I am a team player who makes major contribute toward the collective goal. I do not condone laziness, and neither observes irreverence. I respect other people views, traditions and maintain their rule. In this study group, I will not be that person who will break or intend to change your custom. I do possess administrative skills. I can be able to guide and coordinate the group in achieving its goals. For any group to be successful, I believe members should be working together, coordinated and organized to achieve their intended goal. The leadership of the group contributes a lot to its success (Forbes). Leaders are the one who run and controls every aspect of the group. The group will always progress if their leaders are with them, guiding and showing the right way. Members of the group expect their leaders to be supportive. I will be there to guide and ready to follow them until we achieve our goals. The group makes important decisions that affect it members and its future. The leaders are decisions maker. As a leader, I would make the decision based on situation and circumstance facing the group. It may involve taking a risk for the benefit of the group. There may be other members who have different opinions, I will listen to them, and we will have a harmonious decision. I know any leader fears losing control but when things don’t go well, leaders fight to have control. They become defensive, and this is not healthy for any group. Control is the drive of any leader.Works CitedForbes. Top 10 Qualities That Make A Great Leader. 19 December 2012. .