Types of Research Methods



The paper tells that the factors that govern the methodology employed include. subtype of research necessary, subject selection for the research study, a decision on how to sample, a possibility of a pilot study to ensure the validity of the process through various research methods. Singh agrees that central to literature, research methodology is the type of research to be undertaken. There are two key types of research. They are qualitative research and quantitative research. Research methodology is dependent on these two factors. Qualitative research seeks to investigate intangible aspects of literature. especially about emotions, meanings, and descriptions. The intangibles under investigation are values, beliefs or ideas. Quantitative research seeks to verify existing explanations, regarding etiological aspects of a story, through measurement of variables. When reporting a researcher applies a number of research methods that are specific to certain techniques of research. The types of research methods applicable include observation, survey, contact method and experimental method. Each of these methods has strengths and limitations. In essence, to indulge inaccurate data collection, one needs to be aware of the said aspects of the data collection methods to make the necessary adjustments to the data that result whenever warranted. This refers to the research method that employs the use of researcher’s eyes, watching the study area to gather information. Data collected by observation is primary data. The data collected is complete since the researcher knows what he is looking for when he goes to the field to observe. The research techniques influence the subtypes of the observation method that will be applicable. The first subtype is the structured observation. This is the main subtype employed for descriptive purposes of observation. Unstructured observation, on the other hand, is employed with a view of formulating explanations to a research question and validating it given hypothesis or otherwise.