Types of Social Media

Social media is a platform which has influenced our generation to a great level and we are over depended on it to carry on our day to day life. Social media like Facebook and Twitter as the main source of information system is getting better each day with sophisticated technology. According to ( Burgess) “An example of this is the individual wall showing messages from unconnected contacts, and then this is brought in to a stream through the news feed”. Social media has a great impact on the management of information system because it allows easy gathering of knowledge and gives a connection between image, text and video.
Types of Social Media
Different social media like Face book, Twitter and Linked In and television have been the best informative site since technology has ever created. As per (Doctor) “Media is an instrument on communication, like a newspaper or a radio, so social media would be a social instrument of communication”. These social media sites allow managing groups and contact lists with which information can be collected and shared which is essential in the business world.
Why social media is best for managing information system
Social media have more trust worth information due to its networking, accessibility and interactivity. As per (Daniel) “People tend to trust social media users who provide statements based on actual facts and research and not those who merely share their biased opinions”