Tyrrells Crisp business human reource plan

However the founder cannot tolerate anything like entering into another deal with the supermarkets having almost brought the business to a halt earlier and forced him to start producing potato crisps and selling them direct to the retailers. Apparently he still has fear for involvement with the large supermarket chains.
But there are many businesses which are courting Tyrell’s Crisp business and it has become hard for the owner to make a choice on which direction the business should take. However it seems entering into partnership will be one of the best strategies that will be suited to move the business forward. In this regard entering into a partnership will help the business to penetrate many countries in the market but only if it enters into partnership with a business that has international presence. This means that it has to scrutinize all suitors and find the one which has as strong market distribution channel and enter into legally binding agreement on how the distribution channel will be unlike in the past when the business has suffered also from undefined distribution chain.
The current business strategy of Tyrell’s is to market its product directly to the retailers. In order to achieve this it needs to have some measures that will help it achieve this direct marketing strategy. Let us look at how a human resource plan can help the business to achieve its overall goal.
How can Human Resource Plan assist the business
Human resource planning describes the way in which a company ensures that the staffs hired are the right for the job that they have been hired for. It also goes further to describe the way these companies manage their employees in order to ensure that the company gets maximum output from the employees and that they are retained in the business. It also covers the way the company ensure that they are trained in order to acquire skill and competency in their work to become the most important asset that the company holds.
A human resource plan is a strategic guide and partner to any business that is willing to get the best from the workforce. It has been shown that competent employees are one of the important capital investments that can help a company to acquire a competitive edge which other companies may find difficult to replicate. But this only results when the employees are well managed and incentive put in place to motivate them to work. It also comes with carrying out training from time to time to help tie employees acquire new skills. (Aaker, 2002, p. 34)
In the Tyrell’s Crisp business strategy, a human resource plan will be very crucial since it will help the business to recruit the most important employees right from the star who are qualified fro the job. A well planned human resource plan will also help the company integrate the management of the employees into the overall business strategy which is important if the company has to succeed in its work. The plan will also assist the business in coming up with work schedule that fits its operation in the since that it will be able to control it workforce and hence payroll. The plan will help the company to come up with the best incentive package that will help the workforce to perform as required. The plan will help in preparing schedule for inducting the employees with new skills that