UAE Justice for Foreigners

Today any and every business would like to open up their business in the United Arab Emirates as it has become the crossroads for some richest and the most famous people all over the world (Whelan, 2010).There are seven states in the United Arab Emirates federation they have a supreme and consolidated law for all the states. Except for Dubai, Dubai enjoys some special privileges, it has the basic laws similar to the general ones but it has been given the right to deal with the internal situations by itself and some other rights. These relaxations are only granted to the state of Dubai alone.The law of the United Arab Emirates has been designed keeping in mind the civil laws of the old times. It has major principle underlying of the Egyptian law and the rules and regulations are governed by the Islamic laws and practices. In Saudi Arabia, it is a bit different, in spite of the fact that they also have a large of a foreign population and they have a near similar culture to the United Arab Emirates, but they have a complete Islamic system, and all of their legislation and legal proceedings are governed by the Islamic Sharia’h. Earlier they had a very simple law, but with the influx of foreign companies and the foreigners along with the companies they have had to modify their laws greatly, the Islamic punishments are still present but the laws have been given an international touch. With the increase in globalization, the international specifically the western influence has increased greatly, and therefore they have tailored their laws a bit.The courts in the United Arab Emirates are al under the same law, except for the Dubai court, which has its own hearings and proceedings. The Dubai court has its own rulings and hearings. They have a separate division for all kinds of situation. They have a civil division, a sharia division, an international division as well. The Sharia law is generally used only when there are some family feuds or some other issues like family inheritance problems.