UC is the University of California

Due to my state of sickness which had been an irregular yet acute fever, I was unable to take the final exam in Math 1A and this caused my overall grade to suffer an F-mark for the course when I failed to notify my instructor properly of the unfortunate health situation. The same fate went with Human Development 10 on which I obtained a D, having had unlikely chances of catching up and improving performance made by my sickness and frequent absenteeism thereof.
My family preferred to look after me at the time so I mostly underwent medications at home rather than in the hospital. In that span, I managed to reflect deeply on my physical well-being and the measures I ought to account for seriously to guard my health and thereby prevent any sort of illness to interfere in my future studies. Now, I am once again ready to confront the challenges of education and I believe that my admission to UC is something that would further enrich my personal growth in several aspects other than scholastic endeavor through the school’s up-to-date curricular design and fully equipped facilities of learning.