UK Home Shopping

15-13 weeks Further background research based on material collected, i.e. examine Tesco Access site for visually impaired. explore Sainsbury’s success in the wine market. find positive input on Asda. Compare different incentives to buy online by these companies as compared to smaller companies. Analyse results of research.
With 80 percent of general cargo now being shipped internationally by containers, the successful implementation of information technology is vital to the future of such a business. Containers offer a fast, safe and cost effective means of transportation in exporting and importing commodities. they are easily transferred from one mode of transport to another. they enable operators to offer door-to-door and land-sea services, with predictable delivery times. This dissertation will be addressing the logistics of container companies in the UK: OOCL (Orient Overseas Container Line) and Dragon Logistics and Transport, Ltd., as well as InBulk Technologies, Ltd., a fairly new company offering innovative shipping containers, and Lendel Containers, Ltd., one of the few companies offering rental of new and used ISO shipping containers. Have these companies been innovative in their online services, do they interlink Is consolidation of services a viable option or is it more beneficial to keep services separate but linked to each other Should OOCL and Dragon Logistics work together or should they be more competitive, since they seem to be leading the market in shipping containers
3. Workplan: (dates for completing the various stages of the dissertation)
The Timeline for this dissertation will be from May to September, as follows:
18 weeks Review submission requirements.
17-15 weeks Outline with preliminary research questions, topic and approach, as well as a statistical study