UK wind power

In UK, wind power has been applied as means to overcome the problem of the power shortage. A lot of efforts have been applied in an attempt to make this project successful. Wind power is one of the most efficient sources of power. When the wind turns the wind turbines, the kinetic energy from the wind is converted into mechanical energy. In this form, energy is then used in driving the generator which eventually converts mechanical energy into electricity. The electricity generated is then transmitted to the consumers through cables. UK leads in the European countries in terms of usable wind power. The country has given adequate attention to wind power due to its realization of importance of the wind power in the current world. UK aims at becoming the major supplier of energy in the world by the year 2020.
Power is the basic component in the United Kingdom economy which plays a major in economic development. It also plays an important role in increasing the standard of living in the country. There is, therefore, an increased need for a reliable source of electricity supply. Over the past, the country has been relying on coal and gas as a source of energy. However, these sources are non renewable and, therefore, cannot be reliable. This posed a big danger to the country bearing in the mind the current high level of demand for the power in the country.