UKCCA Event Project assessment

All the activities listed above are potential fun filled activities that can be a good source of relaxation and the students that the communities living near the centre could engage in. the centre needs to clearly plan for the activity chosen and the target group of customers so that it achieves success in hosting any of the events.During this time the centre will host a couple’s night out and a special dinner party. The party should include a special dance session at the end which will be a performance by an artist to be decided upon by the organizing committee. The party whose main attraction group should be young couples who do not get the chance to go out during the year, should include themes that attract the young couples especially in collage and those that have just left collage. This group is targeted because they do not get the chance to go out often due to schooling commitments or work and at this festive time they would consider an outing.The dinner will include a meal preferably a buffet served at the restaurant. The guests who will have specific preferences will be allowed to send in their requests in time to facilitate earlier preparation. At the end of the dinner, a music band will entertain the guests and a dance will be in order to conclude the function.The party will include costs for hiring the venue in order to host the event. An ample seating space for the guests and parking should the visitors need the same. The seating allowance at each table will be as indicated by the management of the centre. The costs at each table will be at normal charges and the payment of the Disk jokey and the performing artist will be catered for by the event crew. In addition, more ushering staff will also be hired by the organizing committee. For the entire plan of financing the whole party, kindly see the