Uncovering the Truth Behind the Holocaust



Throughout the video, the ideas of the interviewer had been largely expressed in a preconceived manner. It is true that Cole presented facts about the concentration camps as he showed the evidence, sometimes showing a fair outlook by acknowledging information about the camp made popular by the holocaust survivors. However, those acknowledgments were pretty harmless to the preconceived beliefs he was trying to prove. He seemed to have carefully drafted the documentary in favor of the German version of the holocaust story and also seemed quite anxious to mention he is a Jew but an atheist, wearing his kippah to prove that he is not some revisionist or the like. His efforts nevertheless, do not prove his reliability rather it is his words that expose his intentions. Cole said he wanted to uncover what really happened during the holocaust but he seemed only to be proving what he believed in, that the testimonies of the survivors are not true. Evidence can be destroyed and altered and with the time that passed, no one can really know the truth except those who witnessed the war.