Understanding the Value of Humanity

I was born during such a period, which is famous for strife-torn cities and poor conditions of the citizens, for reasons well beyond my comprehension. Gradually as I started picking up the thread, I realized that Afghanistan is unfortunate enough for being at the receiving end of the ambitions of a number of people and forces. Whatever might be the justifications of such forces, it all translated into the suffering of human beings in general and Afghani citizens in particular. The country is still mired into war-like situations with skirmishes taking place on a daily basis. Though the world community seems to be making genuine efforts towards bringing peace in the region, so far it has not proved to be sufficient enough towards bringing cheers on the faces of citizens. These developments have had a deep impact on me and from deep inside me I feel I could do something constructive to minimize the sufferings of my fellow citizens. Now that I’ve shifted my base to Canada, the urge remains to make a material difference in the lives of fellow citizens. I do realize that with little resources at my command I am a non-entity and may not be able to make the desired impact on the well being of the nation, but at the same time, I sincerely believe that I will consider myself fortunate, even if I am able to minimize the sufferings of some of the fellow citizens.
During my school days, I used to watch my elder sister devote her time to social service, talk about ‘how to take care of some of the underprivileged citizens of the surrounding areas’ etc. The levels of my curiosity kept increasing as I started picking up the threads and passed out of my secondary school. Gradually I started helping out my sister in taking care of the needy people.&nbsp.