Uniforms at Schools as a Way to Minimize Violence



The essay "Uniforms at Schools as a Way to Minimize Violence" discusses the issue whether we should go for one uniform for the entire student population. Every society or group likewise has adopted some rules and regulations that classify and identify its members. It might be a certain haircut, or color of the hair, clothing or emblem- even a password that changes every week. The adoption of a common uniform for every child going to school not only helps identify and classify that child as a member of that particular school but also gives a sense of belonging and identity to the child that once in school, he or she must conform to their rules and regulations. Another very good purpose for a school uniform is that it makes all students easily identifiable and can help in increasing student safety while reducing cases of violence and quarrels in the school premises. Students are also members of the boy scouts or girl guides, which use a certain uniform and regalia that not only makes them look smart and elegant but identifies them as members of that particular fraternity. They are taught to be more confident and self-sufficient, get survival skills as well as the ability to help others in distress- especially in cases of emergency. They can likely help you survive in the desert and know first aid and related skills. No one grudges them or complains about their uniform- in fact, it is appreciated because it helps identify them as helping and caring members of humanity wherever they go.