Unit 3DB The Green Revolution

Energy use and conservation Affiliation Energy use and conservation Energy type Purpose Duration(daily) DAY Fossil fuel energy
Petroleum products
Traveling (car)
50 KM
Natural gas
7 hours
Renewable energy
Hydroelectric energy
Electric appliances
13 hours
Solar Energy
(solar powered appliances)
7 hours
Artificial energy
10 hours
Geothermal power has increasingly been used in the past couple of years and has slowly yet consistently been developed to be a primary energy source in California. Power plants are largely concentrated in western states and yield about 3, 386 megawatts (MW) of electricity. Geothermal electricity is a renewable form of energy generated from geothermal energy. It is also sustainable as it uses small amounts of the earth’s heat content (Assosiation, April 2012).
Energy and environmental conservation are closely related and usually concentration of on one directly affects the other. In this regard, energy conservation should be highly rated and considered if indeed the long term effects of environmental conservation are to be realised. In order to reduce personal energy consumption, the following changes can be made that would in the long run create a significant difference. To save car fuel energy consumed on daily drives to work, commuter trains and or bicycles can be used to achieve the same. This will not only reduce gasoline fuel consumption, but also help in environmental pollution. Concerning the other forms of energy use, such as the ones on lighting heating and cooking, renewable energy, specifically, solar and wind energy can be utilised. These energy forms are sustainable and also clean.
On the other hand, to increase energy efficiency requires discipline in the use of already in place energy sources. This means small changes such as switching off unnecessary lights around the house, and using energy efficient light saver bulbs. In addition to this, electric appliances should be used as per the manufactures specifications. Household electric appliances account for nearly thirty per cent of home electric consumption. Therefore, efficient use will directly translate to efficient energy consumption.
An electric vehicle consists of electric motors that are used to drive the car. These can be powered externally, through stored electric energy such as batteries, and through an internal energy source such as generators. Electric cars are considered to be efficient, clean, and most of all environment friendly. In this regard, yes I would purchase an electric vehicle because of its long term benefits. Fuel costs are bound to rise, that is guaranteed, In addition to that fossil fuel is not renewable and as such contributes to environmental degradation. Based on this alone, using an electric vehicle contributes to energy conservation, has long term cost benefits, and is also energy efficient.
Assosiation, G. E. (April 2012). Annual Geothemal Power Production and Development Report. Washington, D.C.: Geothermal Energy Assosiation.