UNITED PIE FACETable of ContentsIntroduction. 2Background. 2Company Details. 2Company Location and Spread. 4National Image of the Company. 4Department Structure and my roles. 4Organizational Culture. 6Work Experience. 6Basic Managerial Skills and Responsibilities. 6Stock and Inventory Management 6Roster and Staff Management 7Retail and Merchandising Basics and Operational Standards. 8Payroll and Employee Management 8Business relating Accounting. 8Weekly profit and loss Calculation. 9Business Activity Statements and Work Related to my University Studies. 9Basics of HR Management with respect to the Business. 9Evidences & Feedback………………………………………………………………………….10Reflection. 12Best Thing about United Pie face. 12Lessons Learned / Interesting Findings. 12Compliments / criticisms. 13Personal Challenge. 13My Contribution to the Company. 13Most interesting and challenging aspects faced: 14Key highlights and career direction: 14My Strengths and Weaknesses. 14Recommendations to improve weaknesses. 14Conclusion. 15References. 16Appendix. 17IntroductionThis report is about my internship experience. My internship type is the management, and I have done my internship at the united pie face. My training roles and responsibilities are of a Full-time Retail store manager throughout 300hrs. This report describes the selected company in detail. Moreover, my work experience and reflection will also be discussed in this report.BackgroundFigure:1 United Parap front view (UnitedPetroleum, 2020)Company Details The United Petroleum Pty Ltd (Australia) is an independent petroleum corporation operated by Australia. We are fuel room innovators and are honored to own the United Dalby Bio-Refinery, which manufactures e10 fuel that is environmentally sustainable and creates local employment. They’ve extended their activities in Australia and networks in New South Wales, ACT and Queensland have been established over the next two years (UnitedPetroleum, 2020).Afterward, we have acquired and built sites in West Australia, Northern Territories, and Tasmania, and now a regional service station network and associated assets. They developed vertically in Victoria, the North Territory, New South Wales, and Tasmania in mid-2000 via the acquisition of fuel import terminals. United Petroleum operates United Terminals Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Hastings Victoria’s fuel terminal. Currently, United Terminals is expanding tank and loading systems, which will increase storage capacity by 50 million liters and increase the loading capacity of the truck from two loading lifts to four loading lines.Figure:2 United service station night view(UnitedPetroleum, 2020)Company Location and SpreadUnited Petroleum is aiming to expand the Pie Face chain after purchasing intellectual property and distribution network from O’Brien Palmer receivers, which runs about 400 outlets all over Australia. The Pie face company is managing 70 plus franchised shops at the moment, However, in 2014 volunteer administration collapsed. Moreover, they reorganized and staffed with nearly 50 shops in the beginning of 2015.National Image of the CompanyThe agreement does not include the Pie Face central kitchen, which delivers Pie Face franchise items, Fairfax says. Up until 12 months before it is leased, the kitchen will still be run by O’Brien Palmer receivers (KEATING, 2017). The transaction may even see the goods of Pie Appear in United Petroleum media, according to news.com.au.United Petroleum CEO Gary Brinkworth said, in a statement, that “superb interest” in the Pie Face brand was found and was aligned with United’s ambitions for “acquisition by extending into different categories.””United is an Australian company that is financially stable and has a plan to ensure the Pie Face has a good future,” said Brinkworth.Department Structure and my rolesUnited has purchased Pie Face’s intellectual property and distribution network for an unspecified amount, an independent fuel- and commodity firm. The selling deal would provide stability for current franchisees and staff. Bruce Feodoroff would continue to manage the product supply chain (Face, 2017). I was working under the management of Chaitanya Mallavarapu.I concentrated on management as the information of the store, economy, recruitment, managing staff  and consumer management is what I have been learning in my literature. I realize that instead  of generating sales, I rely on the last audited data, which reveals how United Pie face relies on products sold and advertisements. This was an emphasis on assets and currency equivalents; I made a benefit and expense statement available through the balance sheet. The agency has procurement plans to carry out the report. Throughout fact, the clients had a more precise idea, and the teams were focussed on finishing their preparations.Organizational CultureCulture is conveyed in a variety of forms to the workers. The stories, symbols and language are most important. I did an overview of the organisation, because the corporation has no bias. All of the inhabitants accept; the faiths and the languages are accepted. To customers and staff, the business provides a pleasant climate, consideration is provided, the organization produces a cohesive working experience such that workers know and do well and the business becomes a community which is socially conscious. The attention of the company management is on the donations to charity; the company gives the positive client interest.Work ExperienceBasic Managerial Skills and ResponsibilitiesMy first experience was to express and feel my necessary managerial skills. If the team meets the goals, the bonuses are rewarded; the store manager gets an incentive to add into the transaction and to boost the overall search and to maximize the total amount of products on the shelf. Here comes my planning in which I have to design my own space and also by following the procedures given from head office. All managers hold the key to directing workers in the path that the business wants to go, but that is especially true in a retail group (Phibbs, 2020). This is how executives carry multiple caps. However, managers hold the secret to directing workers on the path they need, especially in a retail company in particular.  This comes with the bottom line by planning, decision making also problem solving within a given time frame. Stock and Inventory ManagementMy other work role for this internship was to manage the stock and inventory of the united and pie face. The tasks of my Stock Controlling include recording imports, conducting inventory checks, holding sales reporting, and price reporting. I excel in this position because I know the processes of the supply chain and am well prepared to connect with vendors, consumers, and internal teams. In the end, by preserving optimum stock rates of excellent quality goods, I’m going to increase productivity and effectiveness.Figure: 4 Stock Management (UnitedPetroleum, 2020)Inventory managers enable a company to ensure it can fulfill the consumer needs at appropriate inventory levels while growing inadequacies and losses. I participated and helped to list, test, transfer, plan for, and dispose of stock as needed in various stock management procedures. I refer to management and play a significant role in product preparation and strategy.Roster and Staff ManagementOne of my other responsibility is  roster management. A schedule of employees is often more than a easy way to display operating hours. The sort of list you use has become a powerful business resource focused on working hours and job assignments. The once exclusive usage has now been extended to insure that any shift has adequate workers at work. It allows to manage processes such that the consumers’ demands and market priorities can be met. Burnout is unavoidable and efficiency is compromised over more than five consecutive days while workers are working. No matter how long it takes to meet time limits or serve clients, double shifting or extra days are required.Retail and Merchandising Basics and Operational StandardsRetail merchandising includes both execution as well as technique for the merchandise range, merchandise positioning, exhibition concept as well as all other technologies include retail merchandising. Commodity sales are facilitated through supermarket merchandising. Successful commercialization calls for proper preparation, delivery, supervision, and study. Let us have a look at the aspects of the thriving retail marketing campaign and some of the resources that enable labels, consumer products, and branded products firms as well as distributors to hold their path straight when they are in the business.Payroll and Employee ManagementI am also liable for the salary and supervision of staff. Pay and collect compensation details via the management of wage preparation; full reports; hold documents. Keeps payroll records through XERO software, guides data collection, estimation and entry. We are using XERO software for the payrolls and records. This is the new platform as I have to completely learn about it before using, so I thought new year break is the best to learn and decided not to work for 4 days and then finally learned it.  Monitor and authorize improvements to restrictions, compensation plan, tax contributions and work shares, and moves from offices and branches, reviews payroll documents. Employees compensate by routing their paychecks to bank accounts or through online transactions.Business relating Accounting This internship gives an exciting opportunity for a self-motivated and determined Accounts skills. I am also involved in theinvoice generationprocess. First of all, I will generate all the invoices daily. Next, the organization collects or generates invoices. They can be obtained and distributed via physical mail, fax or wireless mail, e-mail, download, etc. The invoices issued are generally passed to the account payable.Moreover, I also involved in invoice payment and Bank feed reconciliation. A bank reconciliation is a mechanism by which the accounts of a united pie faces accounting records are compared against the related details in a bank statement with a currency account. United pie face’s cash reports are accurate, daily audits for all bank accounts shall be carried out.This has been learned in my accounting unit in which it helps me a lot better for quick results.I managed the daily sales of the Master group by location. I manage their quantity, cost, sales, and GP all. The complete sales report for a month is attached in the appendix section of this report.Weekly profit and loss CalculationThis is one of my roles and responsibilities as a retail store manager, I should calculate the weekly profit and loss of all the pieface stores and products. Companies need to develop forecasts and budgets based on what they have done in past business performance. All these are recorded in  an excel sheet and encrypted for safety and security purposes. Such a projection will at best be impossible without a accurate, comprehensive outlook on profit and loss. In several months, the business manager can use the information provided to identify patterns and determine the future. Any problems can be identified and addressed quickly before they become too severe.The top management avoids seeing a statement of profit and loss as the only image of a company’s health. The statement of profit and loss is just one element. In view of the ratio of assets to liabilities and equities to loans, the balance sheet is critical for showing the financial health of the company. To order to prepare for future financial issues that may not be evident by an income and expense analysis, a cash balance document may always be checked (Woodman, 2019).Business Activity Statements and Work Related to my University StudiesI have also learned the Business Activity Statements (BAS) while training. Business Activity Statements (BAS) is an online training program that gives You the skills and know-how to process Business Activity Statements (BAS) and IAS business taxation requirements. As part of a significant tax overhaul, which also involved the implementation of the goods and services tax (GST), the Business Declaration Reporting System was implemented in 2000. After the BAS was first adopted, the different ways and monitoring mechanisms have evolved considerably.This internship work placement is related to my university studies in management because it allows me to apply my hidden skills at a retail store by managing this store.Basics of HR Management with respect to the BusinessFinally, during my work, I learned some basics of human resource management at internship. Human resources managers have responsibilities in three main areas: personnel, salaries and incentives for workers and job implication / design. The aim of human resources management is ultimately to optimize an organization’s profitability by maximizing its employees’ performance. Maybe the main idea is the clear realization that a organization’s human capital are its most valuable asset; a business cannot survive by handling this tool efficiently.The duties of the Department of Human Resources can be separated into three areas: human, organizational and occupational. Individual management includes encouraging staff to recognize strengths and shortcomings; fixing their deficiencies and having the maximum contribution to the company. Finally, the management of career development is the responsibility. This involves connecting people with the right roles and career directions in the business.ReflectionBest Thing about United Pie faceUnited is too large, and its management is the best thing. My profession and my skills are so much that I have gained. I worked so hard, and I spent long days growing my daily sales target. Thus the Unified Leadership also aims to accomplish the goals of the shop organization.Lessons Learned / Interesting FindingsI learned that lesson because I have become familiar with my hidden skills when I know that I can communicate effectively with people. Business efficiency is known, and I have learned the details or distribution arrangements that the organization will reliably execute. Thinking and listening abilities are well known, and I know that listening and communicating is an essential part of communication. I am enhancing my contacts because I know the different supervisors, older citizens, and the other consumers, so I do have the financial factors. I am now so sure that I can communicate to the media, to speak fluently, and to talk appropriately. Compliments / criticisms In the starting days of my internship, managers always compliment me about my work, also after some days thye came to know my interest and capability of working and how passionately im working on every single task. However, there are no citicisms I faced.Personal ChallengeSituation:A customer reported through uber eats that their order already been processed an hour ago, but they still didn’t receive their productsTask:I needed to communicate with the complaints of the client, figure out what went wrong with the delivery and make sure they got their orders as quickly as possible.Activity:Firstly, I contacted uber customer service and explained clearly what happened and also clearly said that we don’t want to face any consequences regarding it also about the satisfaction process. Then we came up with a solution; uber eats will refund my delivery amount and therefore they will do an order replacement, so that I will get my refund for that missing delivery. However, they apologized about the unsatisfactory performance by driver and hanged the call.Result:I have explained to my line managers about the situation that I handled, and they are all happy with my performance. My Contribution to the Company It is a learning cycle that I have learned, as we can concentrate on skills growth and improvement now I am able to integrate the skills which improve the competitiveness of the business. I am the effective and productive auditor who can work with the financial affairs because I learn and obtain knowledge into the related sector.Most interesting and challenging aspects faced: The most interesting aspect faced in my placement is learning about a new software However,  learning a new software is completely like entering into a different place where they don’t speak your language, I took some time but I finally did it. Key highlights and career direction:United Pieface Parap has improved me, and I have mastered the business thoroughly. The extensible market is focused on me as I know about the reporting language. Consumer account management is known; I will comment on the appraisal balance in a way to United Pieface annual sales review. The United Pieface internship made me a more satisfied person with the outstanding skills I learned from the mistakes. I can defnitely say that this internship helps me a lot for my future. My Strengths and Weaknesses My Strengths My Weaknesses   I have an entrepreneur and decision-making skills to handle the instant situation. I am a little bit weak in controlling human activity. I am always ready to tackle and handle new challenges. I am a little bit slower in making invoices. Recommendations to improve weaknesses1. What strengthens a person: a. The capacity to take reality on board. b. An individual who lives without limitations or dependency. c. Be brave enough to admit and fix errors, not to condemn others.2. Give your attitude and temperament a positive overview.3. Be focused while making invoices and calculations.Conclusion This is concluded that United Pie Face manages the resources successfully with competent managers and staff leaders on the work. The business maintains secure consumer connections by supplying them with the right retail facilities. When I am employed in this field, I feel satisfied and inspired, as management encourages me to contribute and to have the chance to show my credentials during my degree course.ReferencesFace, P. (2017). United Petroleum buys Pie Face. Retrieved from https://www.unitedpetroleum.com.au/united-petroleum-buys-pie-face/KEATING, E. (2017). United Petroleum scoops up Pie Face. Retrieved from Smart Company: https://www.smartcompany.com.au/industries/retail/united-petroleum-scoops-pie-face/Phibbs, B. (2020). 7 Essential Skills Every Retail Manager Needs to Succeed. Retrieved from https://www.retaildoc.com/blog/7-skills-every-retail-manager-needs-to-succeedUnitedPetroleum. (2020). The United Story. Retrieved from https://www.unitedpetroleum.com.au/about/united-story/Woodman, C. (2019). The Advantages & Disadvantages of a Profit & Loss Statement. Retrieved from Bizfluent: https://bizfluent.com/info-8571777-advantages-disadvantages-profit-loss-statement.html