Unit VII Assignment: Making the GradeIn this assignment, you will be asked to calculate several statistics for a particular data set. Instructions: Imagine that you are a high school teacher. You just calculated each student’s final course grade but want to know how the class did overall. To determine this, follow the instructions in the box below to create your data set. Next, use the data set to answer questions 1–6. Save all of your work to this template and submit it in Blackboard for grading. 1. Type all 20 numbers that you found in the step above into the table below. These numbers represent the grades of each student in your class. Enter the grades in any order. Grades: 2. Create a stem-and-leaf display and answer parts (a) and (b) below. Use the table to type in your answers. Separate your leaves with a space. Stem Leaves a. What is the lowest grade in the class? b. What is the highest grade in the class? 3. What value occurs the most? The mode is: 4. Compute the median. Write your answer as a decimal. Do not round your answer. Use the stem-and-leaf display in question 2 to list the grades from lowest to highest. If there are two middle grades, add those grades together and divide by 2. Replace the “?” in the formula with the appropriate values. The median is: 5. Compute the mean. Round to the nearest whole number. To find the mean, add all the grades together, and divide by the total number of grades. A template is provided below. Complete the template by substituting in the appropriate values. The mean rounded to the nearest whole number is: 6. Your school receives a ranking depending on the overall average of all students in the school. Suppose the school wants an overall average of 90%. The following data represent the averages of 8 other classrooms. What grade would the 9th classroom need in order for the average among all classes to be at least a 90%? Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Class 6 Class 7 YOUR CLASS Class 9 93 80 70 86 68 92 74 ?? X The formula for solving this question is below. Replace the words, “Your Class Average,” with the answer you found in question 5 and solve for X. Show each step of your work.First, add all the numbers in the numerator together:Next, multiply both sides of the equation by 9:Isolate the x and write the final answer: The 9th class must have an average of: 7. Is the average found above possible to obtain? Why, or why not?