Usability of a Business Statistics and Research Course in the Field of Information Technology Management

While information technology management involves analysis of business design, supervision of teams, preparation of project plans, designing databases and developing reports, the scope of business statistics and research involves principles of data collection, research design, and statistical analysis. The two professions, therefore, share data management and communication of results as a common subfield. Sharma explains that developments in information technology have widened its scope to include applications that were previously undertaken by statisticians. He, however, identifies the technology to facilitate the analytical processes rather than being the basis of analysis (Sharma, p. 8).
Business statistics and research, therefore, is used in developing designs for data collection and determination of appropriate type of analysis that is required for a data set. Information technology then validates and implements the designs for analysis (Sharma, p. 3, 8).
Business statistics and research would, therefore, be applied in information technology project management by using it to develop a research and analysis framework that is then implemented by information technology project management team.