Usability of Principles of Marketing Course in the Field of Information Technology

Efficiency and effectiveness in professional applications require integration of knowledge from different fields because of both diversity and overlap in applications. The wide scope of the field of information technology, for example, identifies its application in other fields. This paper seeks to explore the usability of a principle of marketing course in the field of information technology project management.
The scope of information technology involves the application of technology in the preparation and management of information for timely and efficient communication to users of such information. Such a scope involves analysis of business systems, designs, and development of solutions for communication initiatives. Information technology also involves preparation of schedules and task lists, databases, reports and evaluations (Churchill and Lacobucci, 2009).
The scope of a principle of marketing course, therefore, offers information for applicability of information technology. It, for instance, involves surveys and analysis of strategies such as price, distribution, promotional concepts, and consumers’ response to marketing initiatives. All these aspects are measurable in numeric data that requires information technology for efficient recording, analysis and communication (Churchill and Lacobucci, 2009).