Usability Testing and Implementation

Usability Testing and Implementation This paper provides the recommendation for the usability training of TUI developers and the usability testing of their courses. The usability training includes the study of usability principles of course development and how the usability testing of course products should be tested. This paper assumes no previous knowledge of usability principles and usability testing.
Usability Testing and Implementation
Using User-Centered Design principles, we derive the following usability principles for course development.
Usability Principles
Identify Target Market
Be specific when we need to identify the target market. What type of students do we hope to attract? What type of locale / ethno-geographic / socio-economic audience are they? What is their English language competency? Be as broad or as narrow as possible.
What Do The Students Expect to Learn?
Given the subject matter, what do the students expect to learn? Do they expect to get a job when they qualify graduate? Or do they expect to go on to further study / research? What do the employers expect the student graduates to know?
Identify Learning Outcomes
Based on the answers to the previous question, we can identify the learning outcomes for each course. Each learning outcome should be able to be tested.
Prioritize Leaning Outcomes
After having defined the learning outcomes of our course, we put them in the order of priority based on their importance. The most important outcome is located first, and the least important outcome is located last. Then we develop the course based on our criteria of learning outcomes.
Make Sure All Learning Outcomes are Accessible and Clear
When we have finished writing the course, make sure that the learning outcomes are accessible and clear.
Usability Testing
Design Test to Test Learning Outcomes
Design one or more tests to test each learning outcomes. Put in enough detail to give ourselves feedback about how well the student has understood the course materials.
Choosing Our Subjects (1)
Make sure that our subjects are as close to the target market as possible.
Run the Usability Test
Present the course materials to the subjects and give them appropriate time to evaluate the course. Then present them with a test to test the learning outcomes.
It is recommended that we do the usability test as frequently as is necessary. We might need to do the usability test only on the course or modules that have changed.
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