Use of fire in the novel Hunger Games

This essay demonstrates that in "Hunger Games", fire is used as weapons to fight opponents. Beete and Gale used weapons that had fire elements. We also see that Katniss and Gale’s weapons are at times also comprise fire explosives. The explosives that killed Katniss father, Primrose Everdeen, were either fire or explosives. Katniss later says that she sees dreams of this fire engulf her. We see that the challenges that Katniss faced when growing up work to her advantage in the games. Her toughness and resourcefulness, which she has developed due to always hunting for food for the family, become her assets as she uses the tactics she has learned to stay alive in the games (Collins 56).
Due to her immense responsibilities, we observe that Katniss has always been focused on surviving that she had little interest in the boys before the games. Although Katniss develops feelings for Peeta, due to the compassion he had shown her by giving her bread from his family’s bakery she has no deep romantic feelings for him. She also becomes aware of Gale’s interest for her, but this remains a nonpriority for her.
In conclusion, we see that fire is of major importance in the novel ‘Hunger Games’. When Katniss and Peeta are introduced to the audience in the game they are dressed in flames. This earns Katniss the nickname, ‘The girl on fire’. Fire is used to create forest fires, destroy the opponents weapons, to cook and also as a weapon. The use of fire in the novel aid to show Katniss’ toughness and awareness of how to use fire to survive.