Use of Social Media in Consumer Events in Kazakhstan

The different social platforms present different functions which aid the users in deciding to use the applications. the existing discrepancies commonly result in the users being selective of the social media platforms based on the capability of the user to meet personal requirements (Kwon &amp. Wen 2010). The significance of the information available on a social network remains critical to the capability of individuals deciding to use such form of media over others.
The popularity of the social media platforms has continued with the increased availability and capacity to access from different devices. Facebook is estimated to the social media platform with many active users globally, who are estimated at 1.35 billion in 2014. While these are the global statistics, within different regions, the usage of these social media platforms remains different. The levels might be higher or lower based on the applicability of the platform and regulations existing within a region.
The application of social media remains governed by different personal and social issues. Despite the popularity of the social media, the reasons behind the utilisation of any given platform remain different among various users. This is mainly because of the objectives people seek to achieve through the social media (Heinonen 2011). The reasons are relatively wide and range from socialisation, business to communication and political and other social reasons.
Social media has continuously gained popularity and has surpassed the traditional forms of media.