Using Adapted SBAR Communication Tool in transitions in patient care in a long term acute hospital setting

ns involved in a certain medical case together so as to create a more progressive intervention process on the part of the healthcare professionals handling the situation of the patients.
In the field of healthcare personnel and institution responsibilities, communication plays a great role that affects the entire system’s operations. With the said involvement, healthcare officials giving care to a patient who is under a long-time schedule of medication needs to be well supported through the updates that are sent between the said institutions and even between personnel-to-personnel connection so as to be able to monitor the developments of the patient as they undergo the medication treatments that they are supposed to receive.
Usually, medical institutions that are involved in long-time cases of medical treatments are in need of being connected to each other for the sake of continuously being able to communicate together so as to have a background as to how a particular patient fares based on the record of medical development that an individual actually takes into mannered improvement in connection with the medical situation that they have to deal with. Hence, to be able to solve this problem, it is rather important to take into consideration that need to create an effective approach to finding the right process of communication smoothly processed for the sake of the health improvement of the patients being treated.
It is believed by the researcher that through this particular study, it could be perceived that the operational use of the SBAR or Situation Background Assessment Recommendation, the process of assisting a patient for his or her faster recovery would become much of an easier task for the medical personnel involved in the said medical cases.
Based from researches and observational procedures, this particular paper shall deal with the issues related to the problem in a way that it would be safe way from any ethical issues that may hinder it from