Using cell phones are dangerous while driving



Technology has always provided us with devices that have made our day to day tasks simpler and effective. It is believed that the one which succeeds in overtaking the other would oust the other one out of the competition.Till now both these technologies have moved hand in hand without leaving much to choose between the both. Advancements in communication technology has lead the world into the era of mobiles. This technology is a result of the enhancements in the field of wireless technology. This paper focuses on the field of cellular technology and narrows down to critically examine its impact on people and their dependency on it. It is true that cellular technology has made communication seem very easy. However, like all great technologies, there are some disadvantages with cellular technology with respect to its use in the modern world. This paper will more specifically deal with the impacts and hazards of cellular technology when it comes to their use while driving. This paper also discusses the validity of actions that are being taken and which can be taken in order to reduce the hazards caused by using the cell phones while driving.Cellular phones have swiftly moved from the initial image of being expensive and useless instruments to being more common and useful and people have made it a part of their every day life. The use of cellular phones has spread like wild fire in almost all parts of the world (Agar, 2004). These wireless devices have become a common place in many domains and even for domestic purposes. Businesses have been greatly benefited to a great extent and there has been an improvement at an exponential pace in speeding up the transactions (Peter, 2005). The wireless industry has become one of the major industries in the global market. The just an essential instrument for placing a call has now become a style symbol and a lot of research is going on to make it even more helpful to the user. Various types of services such as playing music, data transfer, etc. are being integrated into this little piece of magic called cellular phones (Sadie, 2001). It should not be surprising to see that in most of the developed countries almost 75-80% of the population use a cellular connection (Peter, 2005). Now that the use of this cellular phone has become a common aspect, it is time to brood over some questions that have been troubling governments all over the world regarding the use of cellular phones. The aspect being discussed about here is the "Harmful effects of cellular devices while driving." Many consider and present an obvious argument that it is harmful to use cellular devices while driving and even many governments over the world are convinced by this statement and almost many have proposed to ban the use of cellular phones while driving. This paper discusses the harms of using a cellular phone while driving with respect to teenagers. Although it is suggestible that the governments ban the use of cellular phones while driving, imposing this ban it almost next to impossible. There are quite a few reasons to believe that use of cell phones is dangerous while driving. Let us observe this from a common sense view to a more scientific study that reveals few facts. Without much reasoning and with general observations, we can see that use of any other instrument while driving distracts the concentration and hence increases the risk of accidents. Teenagers tend to concentrate more on the issue at hand than their primary responsibility that is driving. Teenagers are more involved with their cellular phones rather than concentrating on driving. More so teenagers are more obsessed with two wheelers than four wheelers which makes it even more worse. As we all know, driving a two wheeler requires balance and concentration. However, as mentioned earlier teenagers tend to divert their