Using Cellular Phones While Driving

3 October "Should drivers of automobiles be prohibited from using cellular phones?"The present age is the age of technology. Technological advancement has made life easier and contemporary. Cellular phone is one of the most important inventions that have promoted communication for people. Just a click of a button enables a person to talk to anyone from any place or send a message if he/she wants to. It is the easiest and the fastest way of communication over distance.
On the other hand, driving is an activity that requires the driver’s full attention. Any kind of distraction may turn out to be disaster. Since driving means the path to freedom, most teenagers tend to acquire their driver’s license as soon as they can without getting much experience. As a result, if someone contacts others or tries to compose a message, the driver may get distracted and lead others as well as himself/herself into potential danger.
Accidents happen at a blink of the eye. Some may be lucky to remain out of danger and incur only minor injuries, while others have to face serious consequences in terms of loss of body parts, permanent impairment or death in extreme cases when the impact is highest. The causes of accidents could be:
1. When talking on phone, the attention of the driver is diverted to the conversation and the driver pays little attention on the road. As a result, the driver gets little time to react and take necessary action to prevent the mishap.
2. Talking calls also keeps the driver from hearing the horns of the vehicles at the back or from the overtaking vehicles. This may culminate into dangerous accidents.
Causes of accidents could be varied which are prevailing from yesteryears, encompassing eating, drinking, trying to pick the fallen entity or stress, deep thoughts etc, but in the present era, one of the leading causes that is responsible for the road accidents is conversation over cellular phones while driving.
3. Critics may argue that if important information is to be conveyed, it becomes essential to converse over phone while driving. Nevertheless, considering the serious propositions and repercussions of the cellular conversation, it becomes necessary to avoid talking over phone while driving. The basic rule that needs to be adopted is to stop the vehicle at appropriate location and then communicate with the caller or make a call. It is the most responsible and sensible act not to converse over phone while driving a vehicle.
Considering the serious implications of cellular phone, around forty nations across the world have banned the use of cellular phones while driving to ensure the safety of drivers as well as the pedestrians.
Critics may say that there are few drivers who put on loud music while driving which could prevent them from hearing the surrounding sound, so why ban only cellular phone while driving? Use of cellular phone during driving must be forbidden because unlike music, it requires the driver to pay attention and concentrate towards the call. The driver can concentrate on road with mild volume of music. However, in the rush areas, such music should also be stopped and full attention should be paid towards the road and the surroundings.
Moreover, one should keep a cellular phone so that contacts could be made with police or emergency services in urgency. One may come across any accident while driving and the injured may need immediate medical aid. People should make wise use of cellular phone and should know when to put it away as the minuses of using cellular phone while driving are more as compared to the pluses.
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