About Personal Reflection“Reflection involves looking back and analysing past events and experiences. This enables those experiences to be then placed within the context of what is happening in the present and what may happen in the future.” (Hooker, 2010:p25)Developing your ability to reflect is an important skill in a way to increasing your self-awareness. Reflection is:• An important source of continuous personal and professional improvement• A way to learn from your own professional and personal experiences• A way of bringing together things you learn and applying it practically in your work or  personal lifeTo think reflectively you have to:Experience somethingThink about what happenedLearn from your experiencePersonal reflection can really drive you professional development and self-improvement by opening you to new ideas, solutions and different ways of working. It does require you to be very honest about yourself, time and commitment. Coaching can help to support you whilst enhancing your development journey.Reflective Practice ProcessesYou might find the following reflective practice processes useful: Thinking about what, why and how you do things Thinking about what, why and how others do things Asking “so what…..?” Asking “what if….?” What did I learn? How? How will this help me? What worked well for me? Why? What didn’t work so well? Why? Have I achieved anything? What?  If not why not? How can I use new skills and knowledge to improve….? Consider the reaction from others, ask them for their feedback Seeking alternatives to your usual practice and trying something new / different Asking for others’ ideas and viewpoints Comparing and contrasting Be honest with yourself Keeping an open mind Identifying and resolving problems Consider potential consequences Consider the potential impacts. What would happen if I did…..? What could have happened if I tried…… instead? Consider your practice from another person’s / independent perspective how would I feel if….. An approach that you may want to try A model of reflective practice – Gibbs Description What happened? Feelings What were you thinking and feeling at the time/ Evaluation What was good and bad about this experience? Analysis What sense can you make of the experience Conclusion What else could you have done? Action plan What would you do different next time? What do you need to change to stop it happening again?