Value of Employee Health Program

Through EHP, the Kennedy Health System will implement The Safe Patient Handling Act focusing on decreasing the incidents of workplace injuries and accidents. EHP emphasizes complete health monitoring, maintaining, and disease and accident prevention to improve work productivity and motivate all personnel to be of service to the clientele through the embodiment of wellness.

Specifically, an EHP has been validated to provide the following benefits to the employees:
(1) increase the productivity of employees due to improved health condition.
(2) improved blood pressure control and diabetes control.
(3) decreased absenteeism through The Safe Patient Handling Act.
(4) the decrease in incidents of workplace accidents.
(5) reduce cardiovascular disease risks associated with smoking, excess weight, high blood pressure, and diabetes. and
(6) increase the health consciousness of employees thereby cascading the adoption of a healthy worksite climate and culture among others. EHP is a great way for Kennedy Health System to display their commitment to employees’ health and well being.