Various Factors Surrounding Acquisition of Second Language in Children

This case study will be focusing on language learning outcomes for a young Korean girl, Dong Hee Kim. Emphasis will be made on her acquisition of English as her second language for both educational and social purposes. The analysis will be made on the relevance of her socio-cultural and economic background to her education.
This paper seeks to research into the various factors surrounding the acquisition of the second language in children and the effectiveness of teaching methods with relevance to child development. Various approaches have been used to ensure Kim acquires education, more so, English as her second language. Some of these have succeeded while others have failed. Via this case study, we will be capable of comprehending the different factors which have contributed to the success and failure of these teaching techniques employed by Kim’s teachers. Emphasis will also be made on her social and cultural interaction within the school and out of school as these two also affect her learning outcomes.
The elementary school where Kim is enrolled is one of the best international schools in Korean. Most of its students are Korean. The school has a population of 199 Korean students and two multicultural students.
She is one of the lucky students at the elementary level as she comes from a wealthy family that has dedicated its resources to ensuring that she acquired the best education. Dong Hee Kim is a thirteen-year-old Korean girl attending English lessons in Elementary School in Korea. This research chose Kim due to various factors that favor her in her acquisition of English as her second language. Apart from the above-mentioned factor, Kim has a rich cultural background. both Korean and America. She has been to America, where English is spoken as the national language. She had the privilege of interacting with English speakers. Back in Korea, she is attending one of the best Global schools in the country. This means that she&nbsp.has had the best chances to master English.&nbsp.