Veterinary Medical School Admission

At a young age I started to like animals and I felt this desire for my entire life. I made the decision to become a veterinarian two years ago. I wasbored at work having spent twenty five years doing tax returns. I asked myself if I could do it all over again, "What would I do" The answer is – be a vet. Then I decided there was no reason not to. Going back to school has rejuvenated me and I am having a great deal of fun. My classmates are the same age as my children! I am so excited following the dictates of my heart, though I know I have spent my life in the world of pressures in math and then come to a point that I retired. But retirement is not the end of my life. it means a brand new start for a new career, new life, new hope and a new love.
As I assessed myself, I found my commitment was so strong, I quit a very profitable business, gave up a comfortable lifestyle and commute three hours a day to school. I spent time this summer in an animal shelter and animal hospital trying to absorb as much as I could. I am able gain more experience as I journey in this kind of profession, to practice the art and science of veterinary medicine. I choose this university because I know that the knowledge you are offering are worth with my effort, resources, pursuance and aspiration. I know that it is through the knowledge of a certain person where he can have authority in doing things. I want to be equipped with the state-of-the-art knowledge you are providing in proper caring and nursing for animals, of course there are so much more to learn in this life.
Though challenging as it may seem, veterinary field requires me to grasp and be familiar with the anatomy and diseases of several different species. One must be proficient in both medicine and surgery, and be well versed in areas such as pediatrics, obstetrics, anesthesiology, plastic surgery, dentistry, dermatology, geriatrics, and orthopedics to be called a Veterinarian. and with such I believe that I will have the power to perform whatever it takes to save and preserve a life of a certain specie.
We know that animal diseases are of great concern to humans with quite a lot of reasons. One or the reason is, animal diseases may reduce the productivity of animals used for food and may affect the economic interests of many industries. Some animal diseases can be transmitted to humans, like the popular bird flu, and the control of these diseases is very important to public health. Animal populations reduced by disease can alter the ecological balance of a certain area. And with concern to pets, prevention and treatment of animal diseases helps them to live long and healthy lives, enhancing the friendship shared by a pet and its human owner. So I am trying my best to be of help in providing suitable and accurate medication in controlling, preventing, and curing animal diseases.
Life is such a wonderful thing, but there will come a time that one needs to have a long and peaceful rest, so another important responsibility of a veterinarian is to provide humane euthanasia, the act of ending a patient’s life. Other people regard their pets as family members and expect them to receive the same compassion and quality of medical care as human patients.
Through this institution I believe that above mentioned areas of knowledge will be attain by a student who thirst for it. I, as one of the student, believe that I’ll be able to receive license for me to go right to work and in service to the welfare of both humans and animals. In time being and with the health and knowledge that God is providing me, I believe that I will achieve this goal, through you.
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